…. oh yes ‘Easter’ holidays, but only one more week to go! I think the main thing is that the boys are simply not used to being together for such long periods of time, and so therefore bickering and just irritating each other constantly!

Because of this I have been very slow on the sewing front, and to complicate matters I have had problems with my supply of linen, which I think I have now resolved thankfully : )

I have loads of things to do, e-mails to reply to and other really important things to be done, but motivation has not been strong, and I’ve been easily distracted by so many other things.

I hope that in a week or so these ‘other things’ will be more settled and resolved, I hope so for my own selfish sake.

So this week on the sewing front has been all to do with preparation and more preparation to make some new linen totes,

Yes, loads of half done straps and pockets, well they are all done now, ready to use, so I’m now doing the more creative bit, the designs of the front of the bag, this is one of the new ones,

This is my latest blossom design, I really like it, and it works really well on this rougher linen that I have now sourced, it is lovely actually, I will try and do a post about my linen and where I get it from soon, I have had many e-mails from people about what I use and where from.

I fancied doing something a bit different, so I came up with this,

I have to admit I have been inspired by Kajsa, I hope she doesn’t mind : ) It is always great to try something a bit different, but some of my ‘normal’ designs will be winging their way into my shop in the next few days.

I have also really got the urge to make some felt, so I hope to have some new corsages and other felt related items soon, very soon : )

I will also try to do a few more regular updates on here, I had kept it up so well, but with everything else this has slipped a little, and to be honest it does help me clear my mind, and see what I need to do, so I will try harder!