not big enough

that was the result at the end of my market research yesterday, the bags I made are more suitable for 2 to 4 year olds in size, because of the strap length! How could I have been so far wrong?

So I will put them on Etsy, for $15 over the weekend and aimed at that age group, and start again!

It was very interesting seeing what she liked, and what her friends would like, which sort of suprised me, and I think in some ways her mum too. She liked the bright deep colours, including this bag,

But she would have preferred it to have gone across the body rather than as a handbag, so that is a definite, across the body is best, and this size and the actual bag size is ok, just the length of the strap! I still can’t believe I was so daft!!

By the way the bag above in in the shop, and it has slowed down again, which at the moment I’m not totally complaining about, because I want to get some more bags made up, lots of piles of linen in here at the moment, and rubbish all over the floor, the bits the vacuum cleaner sucks at rather pathetically!

So back to the drawing board with these bags : )