blue, buttons, front page and late

I’m running well behind this week, not many blog posts, not much on Flickr, well this is compared to my aims for the past couple of months, just feel weary, not tired so much, just weary, I think that makes sense.

I have been doing some stuff at my parents in law, so I have not been working full time on my bags, so they have slipped well behind, but I hope to list them tomorrow, I just have to stitch up the bags with the handles, so four new chocolate brown linen totes, almost, but here is a little peek,


I like it, and I do like the other ones I have made too, I don’t know what is happening on Etsy, I do wonder if it is just me and Lucie, or are others affected too, slow, and not much interest, but, and a big but, I was on the front page on Wednesday night!

I’m in the bottom row in the middle!


A lovely selection and even better that it features me!

Thank you for all your responses to my offer of buttons, and the lucky winner as selected at is Joanna! Well done!

I hope that my mojo starts to work better next week, as I want to start work on some little girls bags again, but then again, they didn’t sell that well, oh well, we’ll try again : )