is that what wind sounds like? Well it’s a bit windy here, but if you are anywhere in the UK I guess it is where you are too!

Sorry if you are in Wales or the west country, seems like you have probably had it worst so far : (

The light is not so good here, so today more photos of buttons! These arrived today, so I now have more to make my tags with, as I had run very short. I have taken photos of the more inetresting ones, these are a lovely set of four carved ones,


and these wonderful French ones, which look like mini crockery to me, just divine!


I have in the process of getting all these buttons acquired by accident some lovely ones which have shanks rather than holes, unfortunately these ones are not much use to me, so I would like to offer these nine to a home where they will find a use!


So if you would like them, please leave a comment before Thursday, and I will do a draw and they will wing their way on to a nice new home!

Onto other matters, Julie is doing something that I did this morning, and I too landed in Holland about 2 years ago, most of the time you just do stuff and don’t think about it that much, because your life is normal for you, but when you do an annual review, you really are reminded of what your life is, and what their life is too.

Then when the Head says that in a years time you are going to have to start thinking about secondary schools, well it hits you quite hard…

But remember buttons are lovely and if you want some, say Yes!!!