I don’t think I am, but I will explain why so many of my photos appear to be so! It is because I can hold the camera steady if it is leaning on the desk! So they tend to be macro shots!

and another, but a bit more,


I think this is a bit clearer? They are dandelion seed heads, and I have now sown all the buttons on, so I’m getting to the point where it can turn into a bag, tra-la!

Right now some links for you, Aunty Shabby is the sister of Greenolive, so yes, another knitting freak, it is a mystery to me, the knitting I mean! Go take a peek, she has just started her blog, and Flickr stream!

Also today I won a copy of Selvedge, from the lovely Sally, woohoo, so also has a lovely Etsy shop too, go see!

No poo news today, don’t worry I’ll let you know when I have something exciting to tell you!!