Last year I made some cards, which did not sell, at all : ( They were my first adventure on Etsy, and it was really very sad for me, lol! I learnt by it though, well I think I have, and this year I realised that simply doing cards for me was not an option.

So I thought about it a bit more, and more, and it was only yesterday morning that the ideas I’d been working on suddenly came together.

What do I make, well I make lots of different things, but my biggest sellers are bags and corsages, so how could I work with that, well I don’t think people are going to buy bags, but men may buy a corsage for their loved one, but how could that work? I have plenty of corsages for sale, but not much moving at the moment, so aha! Heart shaped ones, duh!

So to cut a long story short, you don’t want to hear about me pulling apart interfacing from felt, not recommended! This is what I have come up with!


A double whammy, not just a lovely card, but a corsage/brooch too!


So the man in your life need not worry about getting a card and a present, he can do it in one hit!! Woohoo! The man in my life will be photographing these later, as we currently have the clouds of dismal weather on top of us! I hope to get them up on Etsy later today or tomorrow at the latest!

In case you are interested they will be $17 and will come in a lovely craft paper type envelope, and will be wrapped for extra protection : )