shibori felting

I have been asked by a few people about how I made my shibori felting pieces, well I have only made two, and I don’t have photos of the process, but here goes!

1. Made a large piece of felt, I have now done it twice, and found that the english rougher rovings came up better as shibori felt in the end, but required more work to make the actual felt.

2. Let the felt dry, find lots of marbles, and elastic bands!

3. This bit takes time, and makes you fingers hurt! Add the marbles to the felt by simply squeezing into the felt and then you the elastic bands to bind in. I used different sized marbles as well it add a bit more interest, but in the end I think they had to be a lot bigger or you really didn’t notice the difference.

4. Once the felt is filled up with marbles, take forever, and it blooming heavy, find a pillowcase, or something you can put the felt inside, mainly to stop it either attached itself to the washing machine, other items, or breaking apart, then put in the machine with maybe a few other items, I found jeans to work well, or towels would probably be good.

5. Put the washing onto a wash cycle that isn’t too long, I have one which is 30 minutes which is fine, it also doesn’t matter if it is a short or low speed spin, this is not important, set the temp to between 30 and 40, this should be enough.

6. Sit back and watch! or should that be wash!!!

7. Retrieve felt, and squeeze out any excess water, but leave in marbles.

8. Put in airing cupboard to dry if you have one, or somewhere warm but not direct heat

9. Once it is dry, if you can wait that long, remove the elastic bands and marbles, much easier to cut off the bands carefully, you can’t really reuse them.

10. Once they are all out, woohoo, you have your piece of Shibori felt!


that is what the right side looks like, and the wrong, if that is the right way to put it, looks like this,


I still have not done anything with this, and I know I really ought to, but another one of those things which just sits there looking at me, pleading to be seen out and about!

I hope this helps anyone out there who is interested : )