green ones

and not the sort that children remove from their nose and present to you as if they have discovered a diamond up their nose!

My green ones are more like this,


and a wider shot,


I have been asked if I could make some green corsages, and so here they are. I have also made some which are more sea-green if you know what I mean, but by the time I finished the light was not good enough : ( These ones include freshwater pearls, silver lined glass beads, moss green agate, rock crystal and jade, quite fancy I say!!!
I have my last craft fair on Saturday, and the weather forecast looks awful, lets hope they have got it all wrong! We need a cold crisp morning, not a morning where you end up looking like a drowned rat!

I have also been working on a new ‘thing’, which looks a little like this,


It incorporates silk, linen and velvet, very touchy-feely : )

I hope to have this finished tomorrow, but I also have at least another 7 corsages to also finish, so we shall see how it goes!

On Saturday afternoon I will be re-stocking my shop, probably for the last time before Christmas, unless I sell out of corsages. So keep your eyes peeled for some great offers that will be launched on either Saturday evening or Sunday morning!

Going to bed in a min, before the house gets blown away!