something to show you : )

well a little bit,


and a wider view,


now one of the other ones I’m working on, which I showed you yesterday, well I had to start again, which made me very cross, as;

a. it wasted my time

b. wasted fabric

and lastly, and most importantly,

c. it annoyed me, annoyed because it didn’t work, and I thought it would, made me cross, and sour faced : (

However I have redone it, and it is better, similar enough to yesterday do I won’t bore you with another photo, so instead this one,


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m featured here on the rather splendid Sew Mama Sew blog, so yay for me, and for them.

Just remembered that I wanted to show you this,


Do you recall the silk and linen bag I made? Well this bag of scraps and pieces of fabric are from Karen the lady I made the bag for! Aren’t I a lucky girl, it is nearly all silk, and the bag is overflowing and massive ! If you do look at her site, bit of plugging here, my darling husband took the two outer photos on the homepage, and a lot more that are further in on the site!
So yay again, except for I think I have a bad cold coming on, my face feels like it is pulling my head down, where my nose feels all blocked up and hurty : (