the sun has come out now…

…maybe not so glum, yeah I know over reacting as normal, I shouldn’t get myself hyped up in my head, be calm.

So instead share in the wonder of vintage mother of pearl buttons,


I love the uneveness of them, and thinking where they may have been, and seen, they also feel divine, it is like you are touching little jewels.

Out tonight for my last Playgroup committee meal, curry, yay! I’m no longer on any committees, and it feels good. I have no desire to join the one for school, I don’t have the same bond or love I had to Playgroup, and I think you have to have that, you have to believe in what you are doing, and that you are doing some good, and unfortunately I think some of the events they run, are not for raising money, they are just to amuse themselves….ooooo….controversial!

Better shut up now, and make that denim bag I can see in my head!!!