while i have 5 minutes…

… a chance to do a quick bit on here!

Since I was featured on decor8 everything seems to have gone mad! I made 5 new bags to go in the shop, and three had gone before the end of the evening! This one,


and this one are still left,


these are the three that sold,


The one in the middle, using the lovely Flea Market Fancy range, I will be making another two of these, and then that’s it. Just like the Freshcut Tote, I have decided that I will only ever make four using the same style and fabric, so at least you know if you buy one there are only 3 more out there in the whole world, it’s nice to have something special : )

The all linen ones went immediately! But a lovely lady from Cornwall has asked me to make another for her, so I’ll be working on that this week, plus another commission.

The thing with all linen bags is that they would always be different as the fabric is always changing, and I think that is one of the reasons I enjoyed making them so much, very free flowing and relaxed.

Also this week I have to make Edward his DS case, because it is long overdue, I think I’m putting it off because of how demanding he is, and has been so over the whole holidays. We think this is probably because of him starting his new school, I hope it is all ok : )

Right, time to get with it and get on!