something different

Now I do like to go on about other peoples work, but normally it is not so close to home, but today I would like to share with you the lamp-working and jewellery of my sister in law : )

She has made jewellery for a while, but since May her work has taken on a whole new life as she has started to make her own glass beads through her doing lamp-working. She has started to produce sets for bracelets, and she has said I can share some of this with you : )


She makes everything herself including the clasps,


I think they are wonderful, they look fantastic, and feel great too, I’m not a bracelet sort of girl, but I would wear one : )


I hope you all like them too, I also wondered about costings, she is looking to sell them, maybe on Etsy. I thought £30 to £40 would be ok, what do you think, is that too much? What would you pay, and would you buy such an item?