some new links

Yes, and I have finally sorted out my existing links, because for one thing I could never find the person I was looking for!

So first new link is Lucie, who’s work I’m currently very in love with, mmmm, very nice and as I said before, she does damn fine patterns!!

Next would be greenolive, you may be able to tell by the name, lots of green, and lots of lovely stuff including knitting, now as many of you know, I’m very impressed by knitting, as to me, it is barmy, and foreign language! She also has lots of lovely photos, and other ‘stuff’, won’t tell you anymore or won’t go and look for yourselves!

Ok, another one : ) Laura/LamDesigns, well she makes me feel quite inferior with the quality of her embroidery, but she is a graduate of the Royal School of Needlework, so I should think so : )

One last link, and this one has kept me amused for hours ; )