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the club of buying naughty Japanese fabric : )

A couple of you have asked for more details so, here we go….


yes, it is Robot fabric, and it is very cute, the robot only measures 17mm high, so very dinky.

As far as where I have bought my stuff from, well I found a great place on eBay – very friendly and helpful, they deliver very cheaply to the UK, I got five fat quarters and including the delivery all the way from Japan, it was less than £20!! And it arrived quicker than the post in this country!

Other than there, I have got the rest of my fabric on Etsy, if you look at my feedback you can see the shops on there that I have used. Remember it is in dollars but at the moment it is roughly two dollars to the pound, so though it may look expensive on some items it really isn’t!

If anyone else knows of a good place, please share it with us : )

I want to use Repro Depot, but I just haven’t got round to it yet. Also I would like to use Kitty Craft, but again just haven’t got round to it. Both of these except Paypal as well, yay!

While I’m giving you shopping links I have now discovered on Etsy a source of Japanese craft and sewing books, Chocolate Swirl the books and magazines in their shop seem very reasonable, and of course you get feedback just like you do on eBay.

Right I’m waffling now, must get dressed!!!!