update and something new : )

My sister was discharged yesterday, and is now at home resting, and she has been signed off for 10 days. However, they are still not 100% certain what caused it all, but they ‘think’ it was gallstones, I guess we may never really know : (

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments we all really appreciate it : )

So at last I have something else to talk about and to show you!


What do you think? I really like it, I’ve made it from a linen/cotton mix,  it has nice long straps so you can carry it in your hand, or over your shoulder. It is lined and features a nice flower with the mother of pearl buttons. I like it.

And there is another one,


Made from linen, which has leaves sewn on made from recycled pjs! and then embroidered leaves on. Lined with a nice cream cotton. Nice too, John really like this one, and thinks it will be popular, I hope so.

I have a craft fair, so I hope I will sell these tomorrow, but maybe not!

I will let you know : )