a week in Wales

and it was lovely : )

We had a great time, the boys loved the beach, and even though the photo below is a bit of a wet and windy scene, this was really the worst day!


Lots of rocks, pebbles and lovely sand. The last time we had more of a beach based holiday neither of them were really that bothered, but this year William stripped off and ran into the sea!!! Quickly followed by Edward!

Edward has quite sensitive senses because of the Aspergers, and so the whole experience of sand was going to be love or hate, he loved it, and on the first beach day he sat in the waterline and covered himself in wet sand, and then we washed him off, great fun!

We also found a fish, and they later found a crab as well, so lots of wildlive to see close up, we also saw dolphins and seals in the bays of the beaches we were at, so that was amazing. I would have liked to have gone on a boat trip, however, William is not the most co-operative of children when it comes to using the loo, and I didn’t want to get an hour out into the Irish Sea to have him say ‘I need a poo’!!

Sorry I forgot to say, we stayed here, and it was excellent.