craft fair follow up : )

What I guess I want to know, is who goes to craft fairs with the intention to buy, is there a specific type?

I know that the evening events I have done, are very different, because everyone who comes to those is looking to buy, or they wouldn’t be there. It’s the day time ones that bug me.

After reading all your great comments, I know you are all right! I’m left wondering who craft fairs are for, and maybe they are actually for the sellers! Maybe they are there to get everyone together to have a cup of tea and cake, and a whinge about customers!!!

I apologise to everyone I may have offended with this post! I’m sorry I know there are people out there who are genuinely interested and really want to buy, I have met some of you, but I don’t meet that many of you that often : )

ps Ali, I will try to photograph those bags better tomorrow! But here is a slightly bigger photo : )