commissioned corsages

you don’t want to say that when you are a bit worse for wear! Actually have you noticed, recently I’ve been like buses as far as my posts on here go, none for ages, and then a flurry!!

But I had promised this one : )

Here are the 3 corsages that I was commissioned to make, they are all quite large, all about 4 to 4.5 inches or 10 to 12cm, across, they are all made using merino fibre as the base. So lets get underway,


and a detail,


lots of mother of pearl and extra silk fibres on the felt for that one, has come out very nicely.

Now I must warn you, the next one is quite loud, but this was the chosen colour!


and the detail,


more pearls and glass beading on this, with silk threads in the surface of the felt.

I think the last one is my favourite, as a whole corsage, it’s middle took an age to complete, you’ll understand when you see it!


and now for the detail,


see what I mean! Lots of tiny beads, and lovely freshwater pearls, I’m so pleased with this one, lets hope she is too!