lots of wipping : )

Yep, thats right I have been wipping like mad, and very late in the day too, as I have a craft fair in Winchester on Saturday, and I’m totally unprepared for it!

So here we go;


These will be corsages, they still need to have a few more tiny beads added, a bit of a departure for me I know, but I had a bit of felt which went wrong, so instead became these : )

Now for more of the normal;


A few of these will have leaves added, and on the whole I’m happy with them, but still not sure about a few of them, it’s hard, I want to try different things, but they never sell, so stick with what you know and trust I guess.

This next one is my favourite so far;


It is so so soft and lovely, the pearls and glass bead work so well, very please with this, and I will be making some more like this later.

This feels good, I’m smiling, that’s good : )