…to think about work I need to do, things to make, things to do, and new stuff to try. So instead of doing the stuff that really needs to be done, I tried something new instead!

I made some trial felt balls!


They are nice colours, dark green, dark brown, a pale primrose yellow, and a pale turquoise, which could be duck egg blue. Once they are all dry, I’m going to turn them into keyrings, I will probably bead them up a little too.

We are in the middle of half term here, not too bad at the moment, tomorrow we are going to go to Winchester Catherdral to do a craft/art workshop, which William will love. Though today they are out at Nanas house, so I’m trying to work on some ideas for the craft fair I have in March, the day before Mothering Sunday, so any ideas on that would be gratefully received!

More soon, when I have more ideas!