empty head

aren’t all the titles of my posts recently awful, nothing interesting at all! and maybe that is the problem, nothing of interest is happening, well not involving anything I’m making.

Over the weekend I made a new piece of felt, which I will be working on, I will try to take a photo before I start, because it is a nice piece just as a piece of felt, but the lighting here now is so dull, I think we are due for some rain.

This week, is going to be hard to fit time in to do much on my stuff, especially as I need to complete Valentines Cards. My lovely husband is going into hospital to have a minor op on Wednesday, and the children have an INSET day on Friday, and one was off ill today, so even though we have not even reached the end of Monday I see time slipping away!

Also as this is a very wordy post ! I thought I would point out the blogs I visit regularly, and ponder on this, how often do you/should you post on your blog, or am I trying to hard?

Treefall, I rediscovered Manda, and very pleased I have too

Molly Chicken, maybe Lynn can post some of her imagination to me, please!?

Domesticali, day to day crafting and being a mummy, Ali makes it seem so easy!

Little Cotton Rabbits, Julie is a knitting whirlwind, and I’m very proud to own one of her wonderful creations

Irish Craftworker Good Life, Rebecca is a wonder with felt and making her house all eco stuff, from solar panels to growing her own veg, can I live with you?!

I have just realised that all of the above are based in the UK and Ireland, and I have to admit I really like that. I like and appreciate the fact that so many talented people, who also happen to be mothers and organisers of the house live here. And, before I go any further that is not a slight against anyone who lives outside these fair islands, more than I’m pleased that so many people in this country are so talented, have a dug myself a hole????

Maybe if the light improves I will post a felt photo later, lets hope it perks up, or I may post about our Book we are reading this month, now that will depress you!

Also there are lots of questions in this post, does anyone have any answers????