slower still….

I feel like I’m barely moving with this piece of ‘stuff’!

Here is the close up I put on Flickr a few days ago,


I like the stitching down the piece, first time I have tried to work more of that in, and I have been trying not to get too tense with it, both physically and mentally.

This is the shot I took of the whole piece when I took that close-up,


At this point I wasn’t happy with it still, it was still lacking something, but I wasn’t sure what, so I decided to work on it some more, and now I have this,


Bit more stitching and fluff, but I’m still no where closer to working out if it is going well or not, so I will put it to one side again, and do some stuff for Valentines Day!!! and come back to this in a couple of days. I think I want to embellish by hand, and maybe add some beading, but my head feels empty at the moment.

So probably the next post will be to do with Valentines Day, and my cards I will do for that.