something to share

I have been trying to collect ideas, both in my sketchbook, and also online, this includes my favourites on Flickr, so I’ve been trawling, and I’ve come up with these 🙂

Lucy Jane Batchelor I like her work, but I think the way the site works is even nicer!

Handshop some nice stuff in here, but I like the site design, including the font which is lovely
Macculloch & Wallis oh my god, such really lovely stuff here, it is good I’m not able just to nip into London anymore, we would never have any money at all!

The next two links are for entrants for the 2006 Hand & Lock prize for Embroidery, and they are wonderful, have a look at them all, but I particullary like the following two;
Gemma Nicholson, look at 005, really beautiful
Sophie Tilbury, again 005 is lovely

and my last link for today is for Nebo Peklo, I found this through Kim Family Auction, and her blog is wonderful, full of the most divine illustration and art, if I could produce work like this I would be very happy indeed!

I hope you like at least one of these!