blooming felt!

Good grief, I have been having a nightmare with making new felt for corsages. I have had a couple of requests, all for the pink ones I made a while ago. Now at that point I was using a different wool roving, not sure where from, but it felted really nicely, with no bother!

Well a while ago I went to Fibrecrafts and bought a kilo of fibre, and well, so far, everytime I have used fibre from it to make nice felt for the corsages it has been a nightmare.

Basically I don’t know if it is me, or if it is the rovings. It won’t felt, or should I say I think I have felted it, then it comes apart when I cut it. Now normally when I make an art piece it is not so important, but it has to do it properly because I have to be able to cut it. Now has anyone else had this problem?

Please let me know! I think maybe I’m making the layers too thick, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!