in bloom

At this time of year our garden normally looks at it’s best, however the rain seems to almost be holding some plants back, including one of my favourites, peonies. So to make up for that, I have some cut ones : )

I love the way they look and smell, much better than roses!

And, also, today this arrived in the post!

I was going to say I never win anything, however that is not strictly true, but I really wanted this fabric, because it is so perfect, and I was originally planned to use it for Operation Hush Hush, but then found out it wasn’t available until June : (
So different fabric chosen for that ( I would point out, I am VERY happy with my second choice!), but then, there was the fabric on Katys blog imagingermonkey! Argh, I had to enter, and I won, me, silly little me, won, whoooooo!
And it is as lovely as I hoped, not sure what I’m going to use it for, I will let you know!