so far, so good

well based on my resolutions, it is going pretty well so far,

Garage is getting there, the last bit of shelving is up, and now we need to get all the stuff on there, all took a bit longer than I expected, as John ‘twinged’ his back, and couldn’t do anything on Saturday pm, but he is on the mend!

Handmade is definitely on the right track, you can now download the application form, over on the blog.

Bathrooms/toilets, er, nothing to see there : ) Creative stuff, well snap really, but I have got fabric out, starting to put some ideas down on paper. I have also realised that I really need to plan what events I’m going to take part in this year, I know that sounds obvious considering that I organise Handmade, but it really isn’t something I spend enough time sorting out.

I got these for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and the roses are now just starting to go a bit limp, but they are still lovely.

I went for my first ‘exercise’ walk yesterday, almost 4 miles, got a little lost, sore afterwards, but it felt good. Until the clocks change these will just have to be a weekend thing, but it was good to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully other things will now start to drop into place too.