snowy field

after I went to the one day thingy for Wingham Wool Work I had loads of new fibre to play with, so last week, I think, I made a new piece of felt.


I used merino as the base, and worked in Bluefaced Leicester Tops, and scoured Kids Mohair and finally small wool neeps. I really enjoyed making the felt and the layering and textures. I was worried about the wool neeps not staying attached, but it was as good as gold!

Then, what to do with it, it was an experiment, a play with new things, so it sat on my desk, looking at me, and this week, I caved in and worked on some free machine embroidery on it.


The brown is very clear, but there is also some cream as well.


I ran out of brown thread, so I had to stop work on it, and I’m not sure if it is finished or not, I think most comments I have had on my Flickr stream suggest that it is, what do you think?

Also I have the problem with what to do with it, do I put it aside to frame, cut it up into to smaller pieces to make brooches?