the crazy world of me!

sounds a bit self centered doesn’t it, but that is really how it feels, and should that be good or bad?

Where to start? ‘Tried’ another job, which was not great, but when you are mis-sold your job via an agency, it was pretty much doomed to failure!

However, all the positives are positive! Yesterday I had a great day at the Winchester Art Market, best one ever pretty much, and then this Saturday I have Handmade Winchester!

It will be amazing, we are in three rooms for the first time, we have over 70 stalls, and all the designer/makers are busy making wonderful pieces for the big day. Please become our friend on Facebook, we are building a lovely community on there, and it is definitely a case of the more the merrier!

One of my new pieces will be there too,

I’m really pleased with my new pieces and they have already received really positive feedback and sales too, so it is going really well.

I’ll try to do another post between now and then, but you know what it’s like!