sewing, tidying, lovely

Yesterday and today have been so nice, my work phone has been quiet, and I have been able to just sew, and do some tidying and relax.

It wasn’t until earlier today when I was choosing thread colours for the next purse that I realised quite how much sewing effects my state of mind. When I can’t sew and I want too, I get really stressed, and this has happened a lot recently. I can see all my ideas laid out, the machine ready, but I’m too tired or worrying about something to do with work to be able to just sit down and sew.

I have always considered sewing to be therapy for me, but I don’t think until earlier today I really took on quite how much it does for me.

I have zipped purses and lavender bags on the go at the moment, but following a conversation yesterday I’m going to work on ideas for my stall set-up that I will use from now until Christmas this year.
I can see it in my head, but I need to finish my back drops I started last year, and make some mini bunting that will use my trademark felt and linen.

So this evening off from purses, and some mini bunting : )

ps thanks for the comments, it is lovely to get such positive feedback when I know I have been away from here for an age!