a bit late

on almost every front!

Firstly, I did extend the time limit on the pincushion draw until 6pm tonight as we were away over the weekend, and well I didn’t get my bum into gear! So these are the winners;

3. Erin
6. Edwina
8. Julie
10. Julie
12. Amy

Sorry if you are not a winner, there will be some more giveaways over the next month.

Made some decisions about my day job, about how some aspects of it are eating into the stuff I need to do, the stuff I love doing, and really I’m not doing any of it justice, so when it is sorted, I will let you know : )

Now the other late stuff, well that would be the late birthday present from William, and there is another one too, but I need to photograph that!
So the present from the smaller one, well it is perfect,

and just like the film, it is oh so perfect,

I wish I could live in Studio Ghibli land!

check out the film here

it really is one of the most wonderful films I have ever watched!