even though I really do not like the days getting shorter, I love the colours at this time of the year, and the light is stunning.


How can you not smile when you see these : )

Even though I was REALLY worried about doing the photographs for my new bags, I think they worked really well, the colours, and warmth came through. As always I do have favourites, but then again, these are the ones that never seem to sell! Maybe I have bad taste!

Last week I mentioned about schools and Edward, not a bad thing, but the not knowing about secondary schools. I know there are lots of parents currently choosing schools for their children to start at next September, we had to choose a year ago!
I find it very frustrating that we won’t find out until February along with everyone else, and no one has really explained why we had to choose so early : ( Hey-ho, fingers crossed, and here’s hoping that everyone gets there first choice!

One more thing, tomorrow I will be doing a giveaway on the blog, one I meant to do at the start of the September, so only a month late!