I’m quite sure I have used that title before, certain in fact, but it is late and my brain is not working properly!

However, I do seem to be surrounded by piles of ‘stuff’, including clean clothes and fabric,


This little pile is lovely, nice felt and fabric, and some pretty vintage mother of pearl buttons, what more could you want, well they could be magic turn into bag fronts! Two more to go at the moment, and then I have a bulk order to work on, which when it is closer to the time of them being finished you may see a little bit of them : )

I always have in my head things I’m going to blog about, but at the moment I can’t really remember any of them, except, please go and look at the Handm@de Winchester blog, we are now on our sixth Meet the Maker!

Hope the rest of your weekend goes well, hope to have some new things to show on Monday : )