spring sunshine giveaway!!

Time for another prize/giveaway/lucky dip, you know what I mean : )

The sun is out and in full effect, so what does this mean, oh yes, a peg bag giveaway!


As I said yesterday I made two peg bags at Christmas and one was given as a gift, the second was kept so I could work from it and maybe make changes, which I have on the 8 new ones I have made! But this leaves me with the prototype, it is far far too nice to stay in a cupboard, I already have a peg bucket, so I would like one of my lovely blog readers to have it and some fab 100% recycled plastic pegs to go with it!

All you need to do to win this is to leave a comment on this post before 6pm BST Thursday 23rd, so you have almost 48 hours!

It has to be won by then as on Thursday I will be listing the new ones in my Etsy shop after about 8pm.

The new ones look like this,


very similar, but the flap goes over at the top, to keep bits out, but pegs in : )


When they go in the shop, the first one sold will come with a set of new eco pegs, so if you miss the one on here you will get them as a bonus! They will be on sale at $13 : )

So please leave a comment to get the original peg bag!!

Also from Thursday I will be running a special offer in my Etsy shop for Mothers Day outside of the UK, just the same as the UK one I did. So buy two and get the third one free!! Watch out for it from Thursday!!