front page, dent, and Lost

work up this morning to find this,


Yay! Didn’t get much off the back of it, but very positive, haven’t had one for an age! So thanks Quercus for making the Treasury : )

Now the dent, hmmm, all my fault, and the bit of bloody metal that Sainsburys put round their *beep, beeping* trolley parks, why? Why protect them, with bits of metal which are like scaffolding tubes, bugger! Well there is now a long dent in the side door, to add to the other dents I have created over the past 6 months : ( Maybe I’m losing my spacial awareness, hmm…

Just like to say thank you for all the lovely comments about Baggy, I told him, and he purred, and very pleased with himself purr!

Right, Lost! Lordy lordy, where to start? I LOVE Lost, I love love love it! When each episode ends, I feel a sense of desperation of having to wait a week for the next one, and excitement of another one watched!
The problem is I don’t think I can explain about what is so fantastic about it, there is so much, so many levels of detail and story. There is all the back story, which with every episode grows longer and longer. There is the the present, equally hard to even get your head around, and then the potential future, or is that the past??
I think the other thing about it is that it doesn’t fit into one type of genre, it crosses over, sci-fi, character lead, thriller, it is just wonderful, sigh…

And you know that some of the eye candy can’t hurt either!!! Sorry I couldn’t help but drop to the lowest common denominator!!