long pauses

that what seems to be happening with my blog at the moment, I know compared to some people I do write quite regularly, but it doesn’t feel like that to me at the moment, very slow!

Lots of stuff is going on, including my friend moving house on Friday which was very exciting : )


It had all been very touch and go, and so I didn’t make the card until Friday when they were actually moving, I guess I didn’t want to tempt fate!


She liked the card, and her new house is lovely, and I’m sure they will all be very happy there, especially her two girls whose bedroom has the most fantastic view over the whole village!

I’ve been trying to make stuff over the holidays, though Edward wasn’t very well at the start of last week, a bit of a mystery 48 hour bug, very odd, but all is fine, and tomorrow back to school (yay!).

A couple of days ago Julie had on her blog about the current problem she has with Tesco, and the copy that has been made of one of her designs, I really hope that this can be resolved. While we were on holiday I saw quite a bit of stuff which was ‘borrowing’ very heavily from online crafters, but not straight copies, it makes me sad that some companies feel the need to little imagination at all and get sweat shops in the far east to make tacky versions of pieces that artists have put many hours into.
I could rant for hours, but I need to get dressed!

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, mine had a great start with a fantastic Grand Prix, lets hope it continues : )

ps a new Meet the Maker on Handm@de Winchester, go have a peek!