it’s late, but nevermind : )

Today has produced three new bags, one of which is the last of the Freshcut bags, so you know what they look like : )

The second one is the completion of the WIP I showed you the other day, and here it is done,


What do you think? I really like the way it has turned out, I need to work on these ideas more and if they work that’s great, but if not move on and try again, I have to keep trying new things.

Which leads me neatly to the last bag I made today. it went wrong, which to be honest is totally my fault, I tried to use a japanese pattern without buying the book, I saw it online on eBay, and well I tried but failed which is good. So I ended up with this instead!


I have to say it’s very cute! And of course they are both on Etsy, so even if you just want to see some more images, go there and have a peep!