bad light – stopped play

Hmmm, I get a feeling that I’m not going to be able to photograph any of my new bags today : ( I have four already to go onto Etsy, but terrible weather = terrible light : (

Yesterday I did take some shots of one of the bags, just to show someone what they thought and they had asked if I could make one this big, so watch out!!!


and inside,


It is the biggest bag I have made so for, I was asked for a market type shopper, so it measures 16.5″ wide, and is 19″ deep, and the handles are 16.5″ long, so really quite large compared to my normal bags.

It is mainly made from a really pretty heavyweight cotton made by John Lewis, and then the last of the oatmeal linen I had left from the bags I had made last week.

I have done extra stitching on the handles for strength and I have stitched the outer to the inner, pleased with how it has turned out : )

Now the only problem is pricing, any ideas??