made in Cornwall…. by me!

At last, well maybe, at last I can do a proper post since our return, but in a way I wish I was still down there 🙁 But this is another busy week, the youngest has his fifth birthday this Wednesday, book group at mine this Friday, and a craft fair on Saturday!

So where do I start? At the beginning of course!

We went down last Saturday, and on the way down we stopped at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, and had a look round, drink and eat yummy cake in their lovely cafe.

I bought some lovely buttons made by Mary Goldberg , aren’t they lovely!

So I had taken my box of goodies, and produced these lovely corsages with some of them (I have to admit the buttons above were actually my purcahse on the way back!!!!)


A bit of a change from the last ones I have produced, but I like them, they ar very graphical and I suppose quite childish in shape, but I like them very much.

I will put some more stuff up later, I hope 🙂