I think I have blogged before about my love for Spoon, saw them earlier this year in Camden and in November we will be in the plushness of the Shepherds Bush Empire to enjoy them again! You may wonder then what any of that has to do with this,

this is my latest bag front, I’ve wanted to do a silver birch design for ages, have tried and failed before, because I guess on of my inspirations has set the target quite high, and this is where I come back to Spoon!

We have a lot of painting, photographs and prints around the house, and screen printed gig posters are a lovely thing to have, wonderful art, and your favorite band. So when I discovered this,

I bought it, but not for us, for our best friends, who also love Spoon! So we then bought this,

and this,

So now do you see where I’m going with this!? I love the colours, the design, and the first one, the one we don’t have, I simply couldn’t shake it from my head, and of course I see it every time I go to their house! So now at last I have taken that love and used it in my own style, I hope you like it to.

The designer behind all the prints above is StrawberryLuna, and amazingly talented lady, and maybe one day I will pluck up the confidence to see if she can re-print the birch version for us : ) Thanks for inspiring me!