a wet and windy day..

Today was madness! Jackie had told me about Wingham Wool Work being at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, which is near Petersfield.

Now normally on every other weekend, the boys and I go up to my parents for the day, and today was that Sunday, so I had to plan a cunning plan to squeeze everything in!

So I arranged with my sister, that rather than here come and collect me and the little men on the way up she would only collect the eldest and I would meet her with the youngest man who was coming with me, at my parents after I had been on my little diversion. Now this was fine in theory, however, I did not back on the weather!

Oh my god! It was awful, truly awful. I consider myself to be a good driver, its the other nutters who worry me! It was so bad you couldn’t see the signposts!

So when I eventually got to the park, I spent far too long looking and longing, but not spending too much money 🙂 And then William and I got ready to go to my parents for lunch. Well I hadn’t read the directions properly so we ended up going towards Portsmouth instead of London! Then as we were on an A road it tooks ages to get to somewhere to actually start going the right direction. Then we spent the next 30 to 40 minutes trying to avoid the nutters driving at 90 miles an hour with no lights on! As I said the rain was so hard I had the wipers on full pelt and still couldn’t read the signposts!

We got there in the end, and had a nice day, I made a few more things, lusted after my purchases, and I have just made a piece of felt with some of it! I will photograph it all tomorrow, and put it on here, plus the piece of felt.

I think I may have waffled, but I feel better for it!