thank you

I would just to say thank you for all the people who still patiently visit the site hoping to see something new!

I have so many things going on, but one has finished for about 8 weeks, and that is Handm@de : ) Thank you to everyone who too part, and made it one of the most successful ones so far, here I am looking a plum!

Our next event is on Saturday 13th November, and more will come in time about that!

The next thing on the hit list, is work tomorrow : ) And then Edwards tribunal, which I’m looking forward to like a hole in the head : ( There are 7 children going to tribunal for the school we want for Edward……..

I want to say something positive, but all I can feel is despair at the way the County feel they can treat children and their parents in what they consider is an acceptable manner, maybe when this is all over I can really say how I feel!

Anyhow….. stuff to go into shops soon, I have stock again!!!!