one for me….

…not one for anyone else!

er, yes, this is the design for the front of my new bag, it should be finished, but it isn’t : (

I now need it finished, it is a much bigger bag to hold all my farm work stuff, fed up with walking around carrying pads and bits of paper, it doesn’t make me look important, makes me look messy instead!
Also on Friday a quite rude and dozy woman serving me at Costa managed to spill almost an entire cup of Americano down me and my bag, so I want to get this finished!

Doing two blogs is quite hard work, though it is quite easy to write about yummy food! I’m doing a promo and giveaway on the farm blog. The promo is for organic sirloin steaks, and the giveaway, well that involves steak, and ice cream!! So if you are in the UK, head over here and have a look : ) I know it is naughty for me to keep on going on about ‘my’ other blog, but it is now part of me, and I wouldn’t if I didn’t think you wouldn’t be interested!

Yesterday John photographed some of my haberdashery items to add to his portfolio,

you can see more of them here, and I think you’ll agree they are rather wonderful : )

Hopefully my next post will be about a finished bag!!