er, and whooooo

er, I think is to say, hello I’m here, actually it is not as long as I thought since I last posted, oh well, it feels like a loooooong time!

and whoooooo, well that is all about these,

and these,

what do you think?? John designed these for me to use, and maybe to sell as well if there is a demand for them. We will be working on new designs within this range, so we will have a selection to use together! All very very exciting!

Hopefully I will make something with these soon, working on new stuff at the moment, going slowly, but at least my sewing machine seems to be behaving itself a bit better!

Lots going on at my ‘farm’ job, and I’m proud to present my new blog, Laverstoke Farm a couple of posts so far, and that will be building all the time, hopefully you will get to learn more about the whole farm, field to fork, and all of that business!
Please leave a comment on there, trying to drum up some people on there, so when we have some exciting promotions and giveaways(!) you will know all about it!

more blogging soon, and maybe this time I won’t feel like I have been away for so long!