birthday snow!

Good grief, it looks set in now,


we potentially have this until after the weekend : ( Sorry but snow is not for me, not when everything comes to a halt which it does in this country.
This morning I had to walk to the nearest village, about 2 miles away, which would be better if it wasn’t so up and down, but I had to go and get cat food, so the trip back was less fun!

But now back in the warm and dry, and it is indeed my birthday, now I mentioned a giveaway, and that what is happening! Now I have not taken photos, sorry, but the giveaway will include one of my linen bags, a corsage, some buttons and maybe a bit of choccie!!!

So all you have to do is leave a comment on this post to be in with a chance! It will close tomorrow at midnight! So make sure you place a comment by midnight GMT 7th January.

And if it is snowing where you are, I hope you are in the warm and dry too!

ps here is the snowman the men of the house have made : )