and sunny, which is what it is here, hope it stays that way, get the washing dry, and more importantly lots of stuff to photograph!


I have 12 bags, 8 pouches, 20 lavender bags, and loads of corsages to photograph! A bit of a session, when I will probably drive John to the end of his tether!!!

We used to have a new place in our loft to do the photos, but something has gone up on the wall, and so now we can’t use that bit : ( The problem is with our house is that the only room with plain neutral walls is the loft, and our landing/stairs. The landing and stairs are really well lit, but you can’t get the right angles : (

We did for a while photograph them on our dining table, but I think they look so much nicer hanging, as they should be seen.

So I have a while to think about it, but mustn’t hang about too much!

I have been working on lots of new designs, and a few old ones, also made some new felt yesterday, which is really yummy, I will be using some of that to make some new pouches.

With the leaves falling outside I’m very aware that we are moving towards what is the busiest time of the year for everyone in the house.

We have both boys birthdays, more birthdays, crafts fairs, wedding anniversary, crafts fairs, music festival and Christmas, then on top of that work and school stuff so all very very busy!

So there will be another post later, when I finally update the shop : )

See you then!