finished stuff?

oh yes, you read that correctly!

I have FINALLY finished some stuff, last night I spent HOURS listing them on Etsy, and then this morning I realised that I really didn’t like the photos, so this afternoon, re-did the pouch ones, and just re-jigged them : )

Here’s one,


Here is the stack of all the ones I listed,


and I also managed to photograph four corsages, only another 40 to do!


So these are all in the shop now, and I’m really pleased with the pouches, I also have a few other things to list including greetings cards and lavender bags/pincushions! Also have 4 almost finished totes, and some more designs in progress! Phew : )

Maybe some wip images tomorrow!

The boys have gone back to school, now trying to get our routine set again, much better already!

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