Today has been a bit stressful, boys fighting, screaming, being horrid, and more than I could bear to be honest.


Other stuff mounting up needing to be done, and then the Folksy forums, to be honest I have never encountered such bitching other than at school!

Last night I was trying to find a card for an anniversary and I wanted a nice letterpress one, now I knew this was going to be tricky as Letterpress is certainly more popular in the US and Australia, so it was a long shot!

Instead of getting maybe a couple of items back in the search, I think there were 76 pages! None of which were letterpress! I tried the search again, and got the same result, so I felt that the search must be broken, went to the forums and wrote this;


for a letterpress card, so why are at least the first 20 results nothing like a card, let alone letterpress!!!???

I wonder why people go elsewhere πŸ™

From that original post ended up with a seller on Folksy basically slinging as much mud at me as possible, and then personal attacks on me, the way I choose to sell etc.
If you want to read the sorry state of affairs it is here

Now maybe I took it all too personally, but I don’t think I did.
I was looking to buy from a UK seller, got loads of crap in the search, and so I HAD to go elsewhere, and found this instead (I know it isn’t letterpress! Couldn’t find anything to get here quick enough that I loved!)

But I feel much more positive about it now, the boys are asleep, it is quiet, and I’m listening to Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest which is perfect πŸ™‚

ps see Mum, it is flowering!