zip it

I should be doing that, because I failed to take a photo of the pouches I made for the teachers! I took just one, opened it up yesterday, and to say it was blurry, well a bit of an understatement!

However I am going to make some more, very nice to make, and enjoyable, so I have bought some more of these,


I’m meant to be doing some tidying and cleaning, but taking photos of zips is far more important!

Just to let you know I still have two children, they have not be sold yet! Though it is weird with some things, William can be so quiet and a real pleasure to be with when it is just me and him, but even if one more person is in the house, not even with us, he changes : ( I hope he grows out of this.

Hopefully the weather might improve and that will help as well, both with tempers and the dirty washing mountain which is growing!

ps have relisted these, and they are new and improved!