shop update

it seems like a long long time since I updated the shop, I think it is 6 weeks! So at long last there is some new stuff in there for you to see, and think, oooo I really like that : )


There are 8 new bags in the shop including the two above, so there are my standard tote (maybe I should name that style?), then there is one across the body bag, and 6 larger gusseted linen totes.

I didn’t get round to doing the corsages, and I need to sort them out, more than anything so I can see what I need to make for Handm@de.

Yesterday I went down to Winchester to give out postcards as it was the Farmers Market. I managed to give out about 100, and I was very polite, I did ask everyone if they would like one, I wasn’t just shoving one into their hands!

It is now less than 3 weeks, and things are really hotting up!!

More soon : )