yesterday was a day of cutting and preparing, also watching a fab Grand Prix, what an amazing season so far, very happy : )

But back to the cutting!

We have quite a large garden, not sure how wide it is, but it is long, well I think it’s long (approx 138 ft) and it has a hill in it! Yesterday I cut the grass on the slope/hill and the top flat bit for the first time this year, as well as cutting the bottom bits.


It took almost 3 hours and that included John helping me with the last bit, three hours cutting grass, madness!! And you know, I used to think how great it would be to have lots of grass, our previous garden was all paved, now I wonder if I really thought that idea through!

But earlier in the day I had done more of the pleasant and quiet and not back breaking sort of cutting, fabric into circles : )


This is now all stitched up, and over the next week will as if by magic turn into a bag : ) Also about to start work on a birdie bag, I so loved working with them on the peg bags, now I want to have more, and I love their humour : ) Watch out for it!